Dynamics 365 CRM | Validate email address

There is a Preview functionnality in Dynamics 365 CRM which recently appeared

It allows you to check if an email address is valid.

Even if it shows the validation issues, it won't prevent the user to save the form.

And this is only usable it model driven apps

Here are the different checks performed :

  1. Incorrect Syntax – Missing @, domain or username missing

  2. Disposable Domain – Detection of flagged disposable domains or temporary email domains.

  3. Test or spam emails – Address that contains known indicators of a test or spam address.

  4. Expired Email Addresses – Disabled email accounts which can not send or accept emails.

  5. Emails that bounce back – Hard bounce for other reasons that expired.

To activate this feature, you have to activate it in the Power Platform Admin Center (https://admin.powerplatform.com) AND in the App Designer of your MDA app (Sales app for instance).

Enable Data Validation in Power Platform Admin Center

Go to https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com/environments and select the environment where you want to activate the feature.

The expand the Product section and select Features

And at the bottom of the available features, turn on the Data Validation feature and Save.

Enable Data Validation in App Designer

Now go to https://make.powerapps.com and select the application you want to activate the feature on. Below we will activate it in the Sales app (Centre de Vente in French :) ) It will open the App Designer.

Open the Settings of the application

And in the Upcoming section, scroll down and turn on the Enable Smart Email Address Validation Control and Save

Then Save, Publish and Play to start the application

Let's test it !


OK, it is better than nothing.

But unfortunately, it is not magic. It seems the check is only on the domain.

The feature was not able to detect if the user exists or not (and did not warn me that the user does not exist on the tenant)

Well it is just a Preview feature, let's wait more.

To go further, I recommend the solution developed by ICK Solutions for recurring mail detection


Here is the link to the official Microsoft document :